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Beyond Haven Corporate Directory

Thank you for your interest in Beyond Haven Incorporated. We are a cross-species organisation dedicated to the exploration of both natural and artificial phenomena, the development of the technologies need to access them, and the return to a thriving community amongst the stars.

Our People

Chief Executive Officer: Edwin Vann
Chief Research Officer: Kushad Yohboq
Chief Financial Officer: Julius Quirinus
Admiral of the Fleet: Ionas Nails

Our Vessels

Epiphany – Crusader class
First Impulse – Free Enterprise class
Nebulous Expenditure – Free Enterprise class
Sundancer – Free Enterprise class
Voidwalker – Free Enterprise class
Temptation – Silhouette class
Ockeerch – Yuzum Zu’a class
Varghul – Yuzum Zu’a class

Main Page

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